Aquest repositori s'ha arxivat, aneu a la nova eina més fàcil i intuïtiva de documentació tècnica . missatge antic documentation related to guifi activity,
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this is a shared place to learn together

any person can request write access to this repository


This is a multilanguage repository, you can find mixed information in catalan, english and spanish

what can you find here?

  • basic: essential information for all community network users

  • howto: technical articles with a very pragmatic approach about different topics related to guifi (spectrum, wifi, systems, protocols, etc.)

  • info: general documentation of relevant things for community networks

  • presentations: some of the recent presentations, we should move it to another place


LFS is a system to track heavy files in git repositories. Also I see it as a way to separate text files from other/media sources.

If you just git clone (without apt install git-lfs) you are going to be missing this kind of files

If you have git lfs installed and you don't want to download media files do it like: GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 git clone (...) src

Invisible credits

Sometimes the commits are not done by the original authors

  • Josep Mercader
  • Ramon Selga
  • Thijs
  • Matteo
  • Ivan Vilata
  • Al

Other sources of knowledge and documentation for project



LICENSE refers to default license (if not specified)