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so I want to rebuild the matrix guide to be more generic and more pluggable for different needs

And I also need to keep documenting it

here are explained extra options

synapse: retention policy one year

data stored by matrix grows and grows, you can limit the retention for a specific time interval, here it is for one year of persistence

# Retention policy limits. If set, a user won't be able to send a
# '' event which features a 'min_lifetime' or a 'max_lifetime'
# that's not within this range. This is especially useful in closed federations,
# in which server admins can make sure every federating server applies the same
# rules.

  enabled: true
    min_lifetime: 1d
    max_lifetime: 1y

  # If no configuration is provided, a single job will be set up to delete expired
  #   # events in every room daily.
    - longest_max_lifetime: 1y
      interval: 1w

synapse: avoid joining complex rooms

this is important to reduce the resources used by matrix

# Resource-constrained homeserver Settings
# If limit_remote_rooms.enabled is True, the room complexity will be
# checked before a user joins a new remote room. If it is above
# limit_remote_rooms.complexity, it will disallow joining or
# instantly leave.
# limit_remote_rooms.complexity_error can be set to customise the text
# displayed to the user when a room above the complexity threshold has
# its join cancelled.
# Uncomment the below lines to enable:
  enabled: true
  complexity: 1.0
  complexity_error: "limit_remote_rooms is enabled in synapse with complexity=1 - contact administrator or complain publicly"

synapse: adding new users to default room

in synapse yaml config

# Users who register on this homeserver will automatically be joined
# to these rooms
    - ""


riot: overriding default jitsi server

in riot json config

(right now this is not very polished nor recommended)

    "jitsi": {
        "preferredDomain": ""


riot: important tuning config for web server

the riot-web's bundle.js is 4.5 MB as of today, that means, a slow client

with gzip compression you can make it faster, as it is only 1.5MB~ transferred (three times less)

but remember that enabling gzip could be bad for your security

to benefit from it in nginx, make sure the following lines are uncommented:

gzip on;
gzip_types text/plain text/css application/json application/javascript text/xml application/xml application/xml+rss text/javascript;

matrix-riot: well-known files (optional)

sometimes you see file not found both from serverside and clientside

for the client, in file /var/www/html/.well-known/matrix/client, add:

    "m.homeserver": {
        "base_url": ""
    "m.identity_server": {
        "base_url": ""

for the server, in file /var/www/html/.well-known/matrix/server, add:

{"m.server": ""}